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Have you ever thought about what’s really in the common fertilizers that are applied to our lawns and gardens? The sad fact is, most fertilizers sold today are made from oil and gas! The burn from these chemical agents leaves the soil devoid of the microbial web of life, making your plants reliant on synthetic food sources. Have you ever considered the impact of these toxic chemicals leaching into our ground-water ? You wouldn’t knowingly pour petroleum on your vegetables, would you?

There has to be a better way and with compost tea, Boogie Brew has the solution. This infusion of living microbial organisms acts as acatalyzing agent to bridge the gap between soil, nutrient & plant. An extraordinary blend of bio-life generating an elixir of amendments and conditioners while boosting your plants to new levels of health and vitality. Compost tea has made for some of the most astonishing horticultural achievements in history, all the while contributing to a clean and healthy environment…protecting and restoring wildlife and amphibian habitats…without lining the oil-giants’ pockets! Boogie Brew is like the pro-biotics of horticulture; a simple and powerful method to revitalize soil cost-effectively. The future of farming is here and Boogie Brew tea is your one-stop organic solution!
1. Expands root mass, supplies oxygen, cytokinins and auxins to root zone.
2. Promotes strong soil structure. Organic acids, humus and natural polymers hold nutrients and water in the root zone and prevent leaching of nutrients.
3. Boosts the population of beneficial organisms to inhibit soil disease problems.
4. Improves natural aeration of compacted soils by releasing locked up nutrients.
5. Improves stress tolerance to drought, heat and freezing conditions.