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AZOMITE® trace minerals have been reported to improve root systems, yields and general plant vigor in a variety of applications; from field crops and orchards to lawn and garden use. AZOMITE® helps remineralize nutrient-depleted soils. 100% naturally derived, AZOMITE® is OMRI Listed for use in organic production and farming.

“Scientists have long recognized that adequately nourished plants and animals are resistant to infectious diseases. There is a growing recognition that healthy plants may effectively resist insects. There is speculation that the nutrient-dense sap of healthy plants provides protection against freeze damage. Based on research studies, reporting higher trace element levels, we believe your plants will show trace element and nutrient improvement with AZOMITE® use.”

Soil Amendment Products:

All 3 products are available in:

  • 44lb bags.
  • Pallet of 50-44 lb Bags. mix quantities per pallet available
  • 1 ton tote.
  • 44lb bags of Slow release, Micronized and Granulated are all $44.00 per bag.
  • We are not set up to ship 44lb bags so pickup or delivery is our only option. If you want it shipped you’ll be charged for the product plus actual shipping costs.


  1. Micronized: Ultra-fine powder (-200 mesh) excellent for coating seeds for maximum germination and initial growth. Good amendment for crops, compost and potting soil. 

    Fine enough to go through a 200 mesh filter.

    Fine enough to go through a 200 mesh filter. Let your sprinkler system feed the crop or lawn. Very fine powder not well suited for broadcasting.

  2. Slow-Release: Particle sizes ranging from 1/8″ to powder for both rapid and longer-term results. Designed for composting and mixing/blending with other products in application. This product produces substantial dust when applied with a broadcast spreader.

    Great for potted plants and square foot gardening. Also long running crops.

    Great for potted plants and square foot gardening. Also great for fruit trees or other long running crops.

  3. Granulated: Slow-Release agglomerated into easy to handle and apply granules with only a modest amount of dust. Moisture immediately breaks down granules and can be applied with a broadcast spreader. Available as 10 and 44 lb bags, 1 Pallet of 50-44 lb Bags.

    This is wonderful broadcast spreaders for large field crops or for keeping you lawn lush and beautiful.

    This is wonderful broadcast spreaders for large field crops or for keeping you lawn lush and beautiful.

Azomite application guidelines and reviews for:

These guys are great. The ‘rock dust’ they are talking about here is Azomite. Great video about the importance of Azomite as well as compost for a healthy, productive garden.


Soil Amendment Resources / The Law of the Minimum

LawOfTheMinimumThe Law of the Minimum

What AZOMITE® does can be explained through the “Law of the Minimum”, a therory developed by chemist Justus von Liebeg; whose contributions to agricultural and biological chemistry earned him the moniker of Father of Fertilizer. Liebig’s Law states that plant growth is determined by the scarcest (or minimum) nutrient available to it. Illustrated by Liebig’s barrel (right).

Without all of the required nutrients available in a soil environment, its resident plant life will not reach full potential. Conventional fertilizer programs focus on macro-nutrients like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (p) and Potassium (K). However, if one of the many essential trace elements is deficient in its soil, the plant will not perform at its optimum, effecting yield and immune function.

The AZOMITE® mineral deposit contains a distinctive combination of rare earth elements and trace minerals found nowhere else on Earth, and can help replenish depleted soils to a more vibrant, nourished state, naturally.