Our Mission


We wish to help our neighbors, our communities heal their soil. Our processes can be applied to a small, square foot gardening site, or large golf courses and nurseries, all the while, doing no damage to the soil. In fact, feeding the soil and transforming it into the living organism nature intended before there were such things as chemical fertilizers. Azomite, one of our premier products, replenishes the soil with minerals necessary for soil and plant health. This is critical especially in Florida where our soil is sandy, the minerals get washed away easily and must be replenished regularly. The outcome will be healing of the Earth that produces healthy, nutritious food for you and your family.
Personally, I have six grandchildren. I want them, and all of our children and grandchildren, to reap the benefits tomorrow of the decisions we make today.

Using these products will feed and nourish the Earth. This is good for everyone. It’s the only planet we have, we all have a stake in it. Let’s be good stewards of the land. Please get away from the chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Things work so much better when done naturally and organically.

Here is a quick video about the value and importance of feeding the soil.