About us

Soil Life Support is a family run company. We are all passionate about the concept of organically feeding our soil so it feeds our plants and trees. Putting this concept into action has proved to yield wonderful results.

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Areas we serve

We serve Palm Beach County, FL. and the surrounding area.

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Soil Life Supports Mission.

At Soil Life Support we want to take the mystery out of being a successful gardener. We want to provide you a sustainable method of gardening that is affordable and offers reliable results every time. The whole idea wrapped around our business model is the concept that there really is a better way to take care of your land, however large or small.

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John Kohler's YouTube channel is a great resource for education on organic, healthy gardening!

John Kohler's YouTube channel has been one of many venues that educated and motivated us. We have become very passionate about creating healthy soil to grow healthy crops. In this video John explains the reasons why re-mineralizing your soil is so crucial to growing a healthy crop. These minerals are going to super charge your trees and plants to produce a larger, higher quantity, higher quality, more nutritious fruits and vegetables.